«Is That a Fish in Your Ear?»

A desire to believe (despite all evidence to the contrary) that words are at the bottom the names of things is what makes the translator's mission seem so impossible. David Bellos

Is That a Fish in Your Ear?

It’s a well-known fact that a translation is no substitute for the original. It’s also perfectly obvious that this is wrong. Translations are substitutes for original texts. You use them in the place of a work written in a language you cannot read with ease. David Bellos

Stridonium.com and Wikipedia.org

As the birthplace of Jerome of Stridonium, the patron saint of translators, Stridonium is forever associated with translation and learning. Stridon (Latin: Strido Dalmatiae) was a town in the Roman province of Dalmatia. The town is located near modern Ljubljana but the exact location is unknown. The town is especially known as the birthplace of Saint Jerome.