OpenBookMULTIVERSUM is a small team of experienced translation, communication and language professionals. We offer high quality translation services, specializing in marketing, communication, press, multimedia and other informative and creative content. Unlike those of a more technical nature, these types of texts require particular attention to style and linguistic adaptation for the target audience.

A team of experienced professionals I hear you say? Yes, that is correct, we are experienced, which means that we know exactly what to do to deliver the perfect translation. Yet at the same time, we are as young and dynamic as the businesses we work with. Being on the same wavelength makes it easier to work well together. That is why we work with like-minded clients, taking on fresh, exciting and rewarding projects that we can identify with.1024px-Swiss_cantonal_tree

Our main market is multilingual Switzerland, which we know like the back of our hand. Yet, as a ‘multiversal’ team, we are not limited by our borders. In fact, we are more than happy to apply our unique Swiss quality to your work, wherever you are.


We take care to convey the meaning of the original text as faithfully as possible. We also focus on the form of the text in order to make it enjoyable for the reader, as if it were originally written in their native language.

What you will get from us
By entrusting MULTIVERSUM with your texts, you can be sure that you will receive work of a high standard. Here at MULTIVERSUM, we believe that translation quality depends on three key factors.

Unnatural, word for word translations are often the result of hurried working methods, stemming from heavy workloads. In view of this, we take our time to produce quality editing of your text.

Literal translations, especially when it comes to eye-catching titles and slogans, can really drain texts of their meaning and effect. At MULTIVERSUM, we strive to keep the power of the original wording in our translations.

Technical translations mainly focus on content correctness, yet more creative and ambitious texts cannot dispense with style and elegance so easily. We therefore put great care into applying a formal ‘gloss’ onto each of our translations.Photo: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

At MULTIVERSUM, we are committed to avoiding the pitfalls of rushed work. We do our best to provide you with bright, beautiful texts. It’s more than just plain old translation and localization you know!

Our value added (at no extra costs)
Carefully crafted translations that read smoothly are not only the preserve of novels and poetry: they have an equally important role to play in non-literary texts. Your customers sense the quality of what they read. By providing them with well-edited texts that don’t just come across as mere translations, your customers will see that you care about details and high standards. It will undoubtedly benefit your business. As awareness of quality and sophisticated, tasteful wording is what you will get from us, let us help you in that process.

Although we do believe in high standards, we offer fair rates for our services. As a reference we adhere to ASTTI (Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters) guidelines for translation fees. The price for a translation includes all stages of the project, including proofreading of the final text.


Nella mia attività musicale, creatività e business devono coesistere e trovare un delicato equilibrio tra loro. Le traduzioni di MULTIVERSUM mi sono di grande aiuto perché sanno cogliere e conciliare in modo accurato e stilisticamente perfetto questi due aspetti. – Gabriele Pezzoli, musicista (CH)

In Jahrzehnten kreativer Unternehmungen hatte ich mit etlichen Übersetzungsagenturen zu tun. Das junge MULTIVERSUM-Team hat mir zum ersten Mal Arbeiten geliefert, die formal einwandfrei waren, während sie ebenso den Geist und die Atmosphäre der jeweiligen Projekte, um die es ging, widerzuspiegeln imstande waren. Musik, Theater, Film, Literatur sind Welten, denen man ohne entsprechendes Verständnis und Inspiration nicht gerecht werden kann. Da ich selbst mehrsprachig bin, kann ich die Qualität der Dienste MULTIVERSUMs sehr gut beurteilen. Diese Übersetzungen haben ihr Zielpublikum erreicht wie es besser nicht geht. – R. Pandis, Autor, Veranstalter, Produzent, Locarno (CH)

Die Übersetzungen und Korrekturen von Sandor Marazza sind sorgfältig, kompetent und detailliert ausgeführt. Er bearbeitet die Texte sehr umfassend und genau und zögert bei inhaltlichen Unklarheiten jeweils nicht, Kontakt aufzunehmen und ein für beide Seiten perfektes Produkt zu liefern. Wir sind mit der Arbeit von MULTIVERSUM stets sehr zufrieden. – S. Glauser, Geschäftsstelle PINK CROSS, Bern (CH)

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