«Re-writing History»

A translator does not only simply translate words, but acts as a linguistic mediator across history and cultures. Allison Brown


Sul potere della traduzione

La prima volta che, da ragazzo, lessi ‘Tre uomini in barca’ di Jerome K. Jerome, non capii che cosa ci fosse di così divertente. Non sorrisi nemmeno. Poi lessi un’altra versione e mi spanciai dalle risate. Boris Akunin

«Is That a Fish in Your Ear?»

A desire to believe (despite all evidence to the contrary) that words are at the bottom the names of things is what makes the translator's mission seem so impossible. David Bellos

«Is That a Fish in Your Ear?»

The lack of exactly matching terms is not as big a problem for translation as many people think it is. David Bellos

«Is That a Fish in your Ear?»

Expressions in any language don't have a meaning just like that (...). Translation represents the meaning that an utterance has (...). In fact, the only way of being sure whether an utterance has any meaning at all is to get someone to translate it for you. David Bellos

«Des Tours de Babel»

La traduction, Ie désir de traduction n'est pas pensable sans cette correspondance avec une pensée de Dieu. Jacques Derrida

Is That a Fish in Your Ear?

It’s a well-known fact that a translation is no substitute for the original. It’s also perfectly obvious that this is wrong. Translations are substitutes for original texts. You use them in the place of a work written in a language you cannot read with ease. David Bellos

«Dire quasi la stessa cosa»

Per quanto ne sappiamo, era davvero la prima volta che〈Dio〉creava un mondo, e forse questo spiega molte imperfezioni dell'universo in cui viviamo, compresa la difficoltà della traduzione. Umberto Eco a proposito del Genesi